What cafe furniture to choose – 5 basic tips


When designing a cafe, it is important to choose the right tables, chairs, armchairs and sofas. The more convenient they are, the more likely that visitors will return to your establishment and recommend it to others. Debut has been producing furniture for HoReCa for over 25 years, and in this article we will provide 5 tips for choosing the perfect solutions for arranging different interiors. We will tell you what to focus on when ordering and how not to make a mistake when buying.

cafe furniture to choose

Tip 1: Cafe Furniture Style

The atmosphere in the institution should be sustained in a single style, not cause alienation among visitors. Only careful selection and combination of details will allow you to create and maintain a comfortable and cozy atmosphere conducive to a long or quick meal. How people will behave, what impression they will have about the cafe largely depends on the given tone.

Each style requires compliance with different nuances and subtleties when choosing furniture for HoReCa:

Classic. It seems that this is not difficult, but it is enough just to remember that there are many trends here – baroque, rococo, empire and others. Some are pretentious, the second are restrained, differ in details and individual touches. But as a standard, when ordering, furniture is selected in soft colors, it is possible with an ornate pattern, embroidery or carriage screed. With smooth backs armrests. Preference is given to natural materials or their good imitation. 

Modern. This style is not so strict and allows more liberties, therefore it is considered traditional when decorating cafes and restaurants. All furnishings should be smooth, graceful, without sharp corners and protrusions. Colors are warm and natural, such as beige or light brown. It is advisable to use natural materials or quality substitutes.

Glamor. Juicy, sometimes unnatural shades. The upholstery is plain, ideally made of artificial leather, sometimes supplemented with perforation or carriage screed. Metal legs fit well – chrome-plated or powder-coated in different colors. Preference is given to upholstered furniture – armchairs and sofas, which can alternate with tables with plastic tops.

Minimalism. Ideal for cafes seeking to emphasize their originality. They are characterized by a small selection of functional furniture – only practical and necessary items. The main colors are gray, black and white, complemented by products with finishes that imitate natural textures.

Loft. They allow you to create comfortable and unusual interiors. They combine trendy solutions and vintage. In such establishments, soft classic sofas coexist with tables with plastic tops on a metal frame. The main shades are restrained, the upholstery is plain, the accents are made by bright decorative details – pillows, blankets and dishes.

Country. On the contrary, it is simpler and much more comfortable. Wooden furniture is used for it, somewhat rough, sometimes artificially aged. The colors are light, pastel and natural, evoking a feeling of warmth and comfort. Deliberately simple but durable fabrics, such as matting, are perfect for upholstery.

In any case, it is important that all products are somehow combined with each other, creating a holistic and harmonious space. Therefore, before you start looking for tables and chairs, it is advisable to develop a detailed design project, as well as a scheme for arranging all pieces of furniture.

Selection of furniture for the theme of the institution

Advice 2: Selection of furniture for the theme of the institution

  • Catering and food courts. If the institution is designed for the fact that visitors will not linger in it for a long time, but will quickly have a bite and leave, then compact products are chosen. Often there are models made of plastic – they are light and practical. Due to their small size and well-thought-out shapes, they can be placed more, which means increased cross-country ability.
  • Family cafes. They can not do without dining groups, designed for families with children of any age. For babies, it is advisable to purchase comfortable high chairs. Preference is given to classic tables and chairs or soft sofas upholstered in matting or artificial leather.
  • Expensive establishments. People come here to enjoy and spend a memorable evening, meet friends or colleagues. Therefore, the atmosphere should be cozy and comfortable, calculated on the fact that they will spend more than a few minutes here. The best solution is soft sofas and chairs with armrests and high backs.
Tip 3: Calculate the amount of cafe furniture

But just deciding on the style and type of establishment is not enough, you still need to calculate how many tables and chairs you need, and how many of them you can fit in the available space in compliance with all requirements and norms. To do this, draw up a detailed plan with accurate measurements and an indication of free space. When working out it is desirable to take into account 3 nuances:

  • Don’t try to take up as much space as possible. If visitors are crowded, they will not return to such an institution and will not recommend it to anyone. And it will also be inconvenient for the staff to deliver food and drinks.
  • Allocate zones and plots for campaigns of various sizes, and furnish them in different ways. It is also desirable to separate some people from others, and chairs and armchairs with high backs are perfect for this.
  • Do not forget about the aisles and the convenience of moving along them. Therefore, it is better to refuse furniture with protruding or widely spaced legs. If the customers of the establishment touch them with their feet and fall, this will not please anyone.

Tip 4: Additional Features

Functionality is just as important as attractive design. Beautiful but uncomfortable furniture will alienate customers from your cafe, as will tasteless food. Therefore, before you buy something, do not be lazy and check the convenience of the products yourself. Sit, try different positions, see how easy it is to reach out and reach the countertop. And remember that in overly soft models, visitors will drown, and on hard ones, they will quickly get tired and leave.

Pay the same attention to the finish. For sofas and upholstered chairs, it is better to choose fabrics that are pleasant to the touch so that customers do not feel discomfort and they do not have a desire to get up as soon as possible.

The height of all items should be selected taking into account the theme of catering, as well as the expected growth of visitors. If you are designing an institution in a classic style, then choose products with standard parameters.

Tables and chairs in the design of the cafe

Tip 5: Originality in choosing cafe furniture

And most importantly – always remember that furniture items help to make the cafe memorable and unique. Try to choose non-standard solutions and non-standard options for decoration, do not be afraid to experiment and create a unique space.

You can emphasize originality not only by the shape of chairs or tables, but also by the decoration, upholstery of the seats of sofas and armchairs. Beautiful patterns and drawings, carriage screed and pillows will become significant interior details. Different colors will help to highlight areas and designate places for large campaigns, families and couples of guests, which will already give your establishment originality.

When choosing furniture for a cafe, five main nuances are taken into account. In particular, the style and theme of the catering, its area, functionality and uniqueness of all pieces of furniture. Do not forget about the individuality of the situation, which is important for you to be remembered and come back to you. You can also create a unique interior from standard models, just use your imagination. And you can always order tables, chairs, marvels and armchairs for HoReCa in our Debut company.