List of Online Business ideas to Start


The Internet is an ever-growing market for anyone looking to start an online business.

It’s a low-risk investment and you don’t have to spend money on a brick-and-mortar store or office, making starting an online business a lot easier.

If you are someone who wanted to start an online business but don’t know which one to start, you are in luck.

1. Blog

You’ve probably heard of success stories. The blog sold for tens of thousands of dollars, or the parents made enough money to stay home with their family. For those with a talent for writing, becoming a blogger is an absolutely viable business opportunity. All you have to do is choose the niche that suits you and monetize it through advertising, information products, affiliate links, or many other methods.

Making money through blogging is a dream come true for many of us, but I have no doubt you’ve already heard of failure. You may have heard of Myspace, or maybe some of your friends have a blog that is going nowhere. It doesn’t change, it just sits there. How can you avoid the pitfalls of a ruthless blog? How do you develop enthusiasm when energy starts to show? Where the hell do you start?

Well, you are in the right place to start. Based on Team WHSR’s own experience and the minds of other pro bloggers who enjoy what they do, WHSR has published the fastest, easiest to understand, and above all, effective solution to the blogging problem.

2. Become an online/virtual assistant.

Often, large corporations and professionals always need a great assistant to manage tasks like email and social platforms. By providing services as a virtual assistant, you can overlook and manage your customers’ online operations.

Even if you have little experience, being an online/virtual assistant is not very helpful. Ashley Anderson’s article does a great job of giving a summary of what it takes to become a virtual assistant even if you have no experience at all!

Social media is an important tool for any business. If you’re a social media lover, serve a brand or business that needs help managing their social media accounts on a daily basis.

Freelance marketer/administrator fees are usually the cost of building a website, depending on the size of your site, your earnings may vary.

Based on research on sites like Upwork, the average rate for a freelance social media manager/marketer is $25.25 per hour, with a high of $150 per hour and a low of $4 per month. The better you can, the higher fees can be on these freelance platforms.

4. Become a social media consultant.

Conversely, you can act as a consultant and instead provide your clients with social media know-how online and manage and manage your clients’ accounts on their behalf.

5. Make an impact on social media.

Today’s social media platforms are becoming increasingly influential. Being an influencer means growing your own social media accounts and using them to promote your products and services as your brand.

If you want to be the Instagram Influenza, digital marketing consultant Shane Barker wrote a great article to learn how to become one and make money.

6. Self-publishing the book

Sarah Cooper left her daily work in 2014. After nine months she had three books. . You may think that publishing a book is too difficult to achieve. But it is not. Publishing books through traditional publishers or self-publishing is very competent and profitable.

Books are an amazing marketing tool. It can be used to convert readers into email subscribers. Or you can use it as another revenue stream for your online business. I wrote a 5 series on how to start your own publishing business here. We recommend you read it. .

7. Online Course Offer

People versed in their field or subject matter create and sell courses online, either through their website or by setting up an email list.

8. Coaching

If you are a business owner with impartial expertise, we can provide you with an online consultation or coaching service and communicate via Skype or e-mail.

9. Providing SEO Services/Tools

The SEO industry is huge. As much as a huge $ 80 billion . According to a study by Glen Allsopp, SEO companies make tens of thousands of dollars every month. Are you a good SEO? Perhaps it’s time to start an agency and provide search engine optimization services. Are you a developer? Perhaps you have search engine optimization tools for a specific user group.

10. Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is a developed industry and has become a key source of online income for many entrepreneurs and individual bloggers.

In a nutshell, an affiliate business is where affiliate marketers promote a product or service that can be tracked to you via a link, code, phone number, etc. that is unique to you. Then you get a portion of the revenue when a sale occurs through your unique link.

In general, affiliate networks are often used by merchants to manage their affiliate programs and also serve as a database for their products. Publishers can then choose the products they want to promote based on the market. Commission Junction  and  Sales Share  are two of the most popular affiliate networks.

There are countless ways to run an affiliate business. However, there are generally only three affiliate business models that work well. Influencer, niche-centric, location-centric, and “mega-mall” models. We have detailed the various affiliate marketing business models and how to get started with affiliate marketing here . Take a look if you are interested.

11. YouTube / Online Personality

Being a YouTuber or online personality if you’re comfortable sitting in front of the camera. All you have to do is start a YouTube channel and start earning money by sharing ads.

With the change in content consumption, more and more people are flocking to sites like YouTube to watch videos every day. It has become a much more effective means of building followers compared to older media like TV or radio.

Starting a YouTube channel is low risk and low cost. All you need is a good camera and you can start creating content. Once you have enough followers, you can start monetizing your videos by activating Google Adsense to show ads on your videos.

Many YouTubers have shown that it is possible to make a living through it. People like PewDiePie make $12 million in annual sales from their videos and through deals and sponsorships.

Content Creators Have Some Fun Using Patreon to earn more money besides YouTube.

Of course, relying on YouTube as a platform to make money is not an easy task, so most YouTube users use it as a platform to incentivize other monetization avenues. Sponsored videos or embedded ads are some of the ways YouTubers use to make money from their content. Some people may even promote their Kickstarter or Patreon pages to their fans to pay for their content.

Of course, finding success on YouTube is not easy. That’s why so many personalities have made it a springboard for bigger forays. Comedian Bo Burham used YouTube as a platform to showcase his talent, which ultimately resulted in a deal with Comedy Central Records.

12. Podcasting / Podcaster

Podcasting is another great option for entrepreneurs. You can start your own podcast, sell advertising spots, or include sponsors around your content.

13. Sell on eBay

Do you have a great product to sell? If you want to sell all your products, set up an online store on a platform like eBay.

14. Selling Handmade Products on Etsy

You can open an online store for those who want to sell handmade products. Etsy , an ecommerce website focused on handicrafts and craft supplies. These items fall into different categories including bags, clothing, paintings, sculptures, home décor and furniture, toys and handicraft tools.

15. Become a Web Designer

According to WaveApp research, Web Designer Salary – Freelance web designers earn between $30 – $80 per hour. Although the rates are lower compared to full-time senior web designers in the US (averaging $60,000 – $90,000 or more depending on region and niche expertise), they can still be an advantageous field to enter.

Although it is true that many people are using templates today, there are still many more users who need customization even for their chosen template. Customization is not limited to web templates, the technique can also be applied in other areas, such as newsletters. If you have spare time, you can also create your own templates for sale or apply your skills to other graphic areas, such as creating a logo using tools such as: Logaster.

16. Become a website developer.

Becoming a website developer is suitable for people with technical knowledge and good at coding. You can help your business by building and maintaining the backend of your website.

Just like social media managers, the percentage of freelance website developers can vary depending on the cost of the website itself. In general, the larger the site, the higher the fee. Based on the data we have gathered, we expect freelance website developers to earn an average of around $31.64 per hour, with the lowest earning $5 per hour.

17. Become a graphic designer.

There are many businesses that need a graphic designer to create images and graphics if they are not technical but can provide design services.

Make money by connecting with businesses or brands that need help creating a platform design for site freelance designers, such as Twine powered. Since everything is done online through our website, you can basically work remotely from anywhere in the world.

18. Become an app developer.

Mobile is a big market and you can become an app developer if you know how to create mobile apps. You can serve customers who need a mobile app or you can sell directly.

19. Be a donor.

Often, businesses need to increase customer awareness by purchasing a premium domain for their brand. You can make money by buying premium domains and reselling them to others.

Flippa,, and Sedo are three places to find cheap used domains worth reselling.

20. Online / Freelance Writer

For writers who want to start a business but don’t want to create a blog or site, as a freelancer you can provide writing services to other sites.

A big plus as an online/freelance writer is that there are many companies/enterprises that need help with writing. If you’re having trouble finding them, check out this article on our list. 10 Resources to Find Freelance Writing Jobs .

Satisfied writing and article writing services have become a term for those looking to make good money online.

Content creation, especially writing services, has grown over the past decade as search engines increasingly respond to quality content as an indicator for ranking websites. .

But where to start?

If you want to become an online author and earn money, one of the places to start is by networking with agencies that offer content creation services.

Content creation and guest publishing services are in demand.

Marketing agencies are constantly on the lookout for quality written content.

Content creators who can meet deadlines and write reliable and truly useful content to meet the needs of online businesses and increase user engagement are in high demand.

Instead of trolling the net, talking to an agency that specializes in content creation services is a great way to network and get a job as a writer.

If you decide to approach a digital marketing and content management agency, don’t show up empty-handed or call or email. Have some content ready to publish, or better yet, have a portfolio of content to view. Showing what these agencies have and can do is a great way to impress busy editors.

– David Trounce, Founder of Mallee Blue Media

21. Design and Sell T-Shirts Online

A platform that can be used to sell Red Bubble and Cafe Press T-shirts and other similar products to customers online. Rather, if you have your own shop, you can do it easily. Start an online t-shirt business. Using an ecommerce platform like Shopify.

22. Online/Remote Tutor

The great thing about the Internet is that you can connect with anyone in the world. Become an online tutor and conduct online classes with clients around the world.

23. Open Online Store

Some of the ideas we’ve listed require just an email address to get started. Whereas online shopping is more challenging and requires a few things.

That said, you need to have a website, a domain, and a good web hosting provider. Some platforms (such as Shopify or Weebly, you will be limited to what you have to offer, but will offer all of their services as part of a package).

Or for a special website, such as hosting your website files on Hostinger, building a WordPress website and buying a domain name NameCheap.

EasyStore provides an all-in-one solution for e-commerce stores. The problem with both options is that you have to build your ecommerce website from scratch. This is the third option we recommend if you are serious about getting started online, using an ecommerce platform such as: 3d shopping cart , makeup demonstration of EasyStore , and Shopify sent with love from Korea . This platform provides all the essentials you need.

Sell ​​your own products and brands, from creating a website using built-in themes to choosing a custom domain name.

real-life example

For example, EasyStore offers several useful features for ecommerce stores, including free SSL certificates , multi-currency checkout, mobile version store, built-in SEO tools, and more. It can also integrate with popular applications like Lazada, EasyParcel, Mailchimp, Shopee, and more.

24. Become a travel agent.

People love to travel and often turn to travel agents for the best deals. These days, you can become an online travel consultant to find deals on travel options or recommend the best travel packages.

25. Be a proofreader.

Many businesses, authors, and other clients need proofreaders/editors if they have a keen eye for proofreading. You can work on documents online.

26. Take a picture / Become a photographer.

Taking stock photos is a great way to make money online for photographers. Places like Shutterstock or 123rf are great platforms to sell stock photos.

27. Website’s Editorial Writer

Another great way for writers, especially copywriters, is to make copies for businesses and websites.

The most important thing to understand is the different types of web pages. Some websites need all types. Others need only one or two types. How you write depends on the purpose of the page. Yes :

Landing Pages , whose goal is to create credibility and put people to a sales page or lead generating form. This can take many forms depending on how people get to the page and how qualified they are when they arrive.

A sales page , whose goal is to sell. The better the page doesn’t sound like you’re selling, but it’s very difficult to do so. Includes product features and benefits. Recommendations will be a great help for sales. Above all, focus on solving customer problems. In other words, it helps them sell their products.

Information pages for example How-To content. This builds trust in the customer’s target market. It also provides content that you can share with others. You can make the sale right away, or they can keep coming back. It is important to write this article. Even if your general English audience is a highly educated niche. It’s too easy to lose an impatient internet user.

Understanding the goals of each web page will help you create the most effective copy. If what you write works well for your customers, you will get a lot of repeat business and referrals. This is how you build a writing business.

— David Leonhardt, President, THGM Writers

28. Online/Virtual Technical Support

Technical experts or people with technical knowledge can provide remote technical support to customers and businesses online.

29. Contract Customer Service

Some businesses often outsource customer service communications. We can provide contract customer service and online services remotely.

30. Become a software developer.

Creating software can be a lucrative online business. You can work as a freelancer or on a project-by-project basis, or create and sell your own software programs.

31. Become a Marketing Consultant.

Marketers have a huge edge in the online world. If you are an experienced marketer, serve businesses that need help developing and executing an online marketing plan.

To live a good life as a freelancer, you need a marketing consultant. There are routes for listing your own sites or listing bids on sites like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour, but the best paid freelancers don’t run those sites. This is especially important for marketing consultants.

First, create my profile on LinkedIn. If you don’t already have a portfolio, reviews, and recommendations, work on them first. Offer to offer services at a discount to people you already know, or to local or online businesses in exchange for reviews and recommendations. Video recommendations are particularly attractive.

Many consultants struggle with prospects and current clients taking the time to request a free consultation. They offer a free 15 or 30-minute one-time consultation, and then you can disconnect. Alternatively, you can use platforms such as: or to charge it in minutes.

Connect with others in your niche and ask if they are interested in collaborating. Referrals from others providing similar services are common. They may be too busy, or they may feel that you are adjusting better. Please return the favor whenever possible.

Know exactly what your site and profile do. Present original deliverables. It provides marketing strategies already stored on the Trello board and teaches you how to use them.

Others may analyze your business and provide you with reports or graphs or e-books. Even those who never hire you and give them something to remember and mention wow. For more information, see How to recommend.

– Gail Gardner, Founder of Grow Map

32. WordPress Theme Development

Many people use WordPress to create blogs and websites. Designing and selling pre-built and easy-to-use WordPress themes is a great way to start an online business.

33. Online Researcher

Anyone proficient in research can serve businesses, writers, and others who need to do research on a specialized subject.

34. Become a member site operator.

Have an idea for a niche website? Create a website and offer paid memberships for those who want to sign up to receive exclusive offers on your site.

35. Create an Ad Network

You can also set up a network that targets advertisers, online businesses looking for sponsors, website owners, and bloggers.

36. Public Relations Services

Start an online public relations agency and work with businesses that need help communicating with customers and clients on the Internet.

37. Website Administration/Administration

Some businesses that already have websites may need to maintain or manage their websites. You can act as a website administrator or provide services as a maintenance provider.

38. Website reviewer/criticism service

If you have a keen eye for good website design, you can be a reviewer or even critique a website for businesses that need some minor changes to improve the user experience.

39. Online Recruiter

For a business or company that needs people, you can recruit new employees by finding and contacting candidates online.

40. Providing resume writing service

Another way to put your writing skills to work is to work with people in need, combining a resume and cover letter. This can be done remotely and you can be contacted via email or Skype.

41. Become a life coach.

Life coaching is a great online business idea that can be done remotely and helps clients solve problems they face.

42. Nutrition Consultant

Those familiar with nutrition and dieting can serve clients who need help with meal planning and adequate nutrition. You can conduct the consultation online and send a meal plan via email based on the consultation.

43. Custom Illustration Service

If you’re good at art, set up a website that showcases your portfolio. Then I can provide custom illustration services to clients who contact me.

44. Create a video ad

YouTube video ads are a platform that brands and companies often use to market their products and services. Creating video ads suitable for these platforms can be a profitable business.

45. Become a direct sales marketer.

Sellers can sell products directly to customers and companies, providing customers with a service that allows them to sell their products online.

46. ​​Become a financial consultant.

Many techno planners often lack the aptitude to deal with the financial aspects of their business. If you are in good financial standing, we can serve you as a consultant or on a per-project basis.

47. Coupon service

With good bookkeeping, we can even provide bookkeeping services to multiple businesses. You can also create a website or promote your services on social media.

48. Create an Online Newsletter

Create an online newsletter and build a large network together. You can then use your listings to sell products and services, or even work with other brands or businesses to make money.

49. Offer Lead Generation Services

Companies and businesses are always looking to generate leads online. If you are good at it, you can make money by providing your services to them.

50. Build and Flip

You can build your site and then quickly flip it over any way you like. The resale market for websites is booming and there are countless places where you can list sites you have built for sale. For example, there is Flippa, which handles all types of websites and handles prices ranging from a minimum of $100 to more than $100,000. It’s fast, clean, and if you’re good at it, you can make good money.

51 product exchange

Don’t want to handle the logistics of starting your online store? Dropshipping allows you to sell products to customers through your website, but the manufacturer handles inventory and shipping.

Its low barrier to entry makes it a popular business model among entrepreneurs looking to start an online business without major costs. Of course, this also means there is a lot of competition in the industry.

To successfully start the dropshipping service, you need to start the following steps:

  1. Choose a profitable dropshipping niche
  2. Find a trusted provider
  3. Get Sales Tax ID
  4. Choose the right sales platform for your business
  5. Start a store and start selling.

This guide details what it takes to build a successful merchandise store, such as setting up a payment gateway and a customer service/support team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Business

What is the most profitable online business?

There are lucrative niches online, the most popular being health and wealth.

What can you sell online?

You can sell everything from services to physical and digital products online. All you have to do is sell your product and choose the platform you want to sell it to.

What kind of business can you do from home?

In today’s digital age, you can run many kinds of businesses from home. These include consulting services, freelance writing , affiliate marketing , product review and even some consulting services.

Which business is good for beginners?

In essence, entrepreneurship requires an individual to possess or learn multiple skills. This includes business management, marketing and some level of logistics. We recommend choosing a business that is passionate and knowledgeable.

How do you find startup ideas?

Here! Besides jokes, WHSR is a site where you can get many useful skills and business ideas. You can find it in the blog section. Our content is often produced by experienced authors who know the industry and subject firsthand.

Is blogging still a good way to make money online?

Yes, blogging is still a viable way to start a “business” and make money online. Here is a case study where an avid blogger developed a blog and sold it for $60,000.

What’s the easiest way to start an online business?

1. Find your need
2. Make a video or make a copy to sell
3. Build a simple website with that video/copy

It’s easy to start an online business, but it’s not easy to grow and reach the right customers.

How can I create an online store and sell products?

Shopify and BigCommerce provide an easy way to build an online store, process inventory, and receive payments. It is the best choice if you want to create an online store and start selling quickly.


As you can see, there are many opportunities to start an online business. The key is to know what you are doing well and find a avenue that you can use to sell what you do best.

Of course, if you need help building your digital environment, we’re always here to help. Prepare your website.


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