What about selling cosmetics at night markets?


It is a very common practice to set up a stall to sell cosmetics. It is generally better to set up a stall to sell cosmetics near the school. First of all, it is necessary to see which type of consumer group the products you sell meet.

Why did no one set up a stall to sell cosmetics

It is still relatively rare to set up a stall to sell cosmetics. Although the street stall industry has always been very popular, not every product is suitable for a stall. The crowd of tourists who set up a stall are all people with low economic strength and convenience. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to convenience, discounts, and lifestyle when setting up a street stall to sell things. Cosmetics are not necessities of life and are not suitable for stalls. Moreover, cosmetics are used on the face. Many people will worry that they are inferior products and dare not buy cosmetics from the stalls.

Why no one set up a stall to sell cosmetics

How about selling cosmetics in the night market

The night market sellers are generally students or relatively poor people who are not particular about buying them. If they are cheap, there should be sales.

Because I often see stalls selling cosmetics on the street, my first reaction is that I won’t buy it no matter how cheap it is.

I’m afraid it’s a fake, I’d rather go to the counter to spend more money, that way I can feel at ease, I can go back to her if I have any problems, people feel unsafe on the street, what do you think. Originally, bai is a well-known brand product. If you go to a stall to sell Bai, others will think it is a fake. Who dares to buy shu? There are very few people who can really identify it. Just left, it is recommended not to go to the stall to sell. If you have this source of supply, it is recommended to open an online store and the income is no less than that of setting up a stall on the roadside.

What to sell at a street stall to make money

1. Sell breakfast

Whether it is a student party or an office worker, the time in the morning is extremely limited. So in the morning, I usually spend a short time to buy some food. Setting up a breakfast stand on their way to school or work is no doubt a welcome addition.

2. Fruit and vegetable stall

After a day of work, office workers will inevitably want to make a rich dinner to treat themselves. On their way home from get off work, they can buy fresh fruits and vegetables when they encounter a fruit and vegetable stand. This is a great benefit for office workers. convenient.

3. Sell fashionable women’s clothing

To set up a stall selling fashionable women’s clothing, you only need a few shelves, and then you can hang the wholesale clothes neatly on it. If you feel that the product is single, you can also sell some easy-to-sell products such as socks and leggings. Moreover, the profit of clothes is relatively high. As long as the clothes you choose are good-looking and have certain sales skills, this must be a stable money-making project.

4. Selling children’s toys

With the opening of the two-child policy, the number of children is also increasing, and selling children’s toys is very good. After dinner, when consumers go out for a walk, they sell some novel and cool toys, such as flashing saucers, flying bird toys, etc., which are enough to attract the attention of children.

Stall setting skills

The cost of setting up a street stall is very low, and it is a good way to do business. To set up a street stall, you must first choose the location of the street stall, and find a place with a large flow of people. Generally, the first or last position on the entire street is the best. When setting up a street stall, all products should be placed on the stage, so that customers can choose at will, and the lighting and scenery are also very important.