Top Canada Trade Shows, Expos & Conferences in 2022-2023


Whether you are a trader, a business person, or an average person, events such as trade shows or conferences should hold great importance for you. After all, a simple event such as a trade show can have a significant effect on the exchange rate.

That being said, as a Canadian, or even those working as forex brokers for Canadian residents, you may not know where to find the best events. Here are the when’s and where’s for the most important Canada trade shows, expos, and conferences for 2022 and 2023.

Taking place between February 22 and February 24 in Montreal, Canada, the ConFoo conference is oriented toward web developers. It features more than 150 presentations held by international and local speakers, providing outstanding diversity and allowing the guests to expand their knowledge. It is one of the best events in 2023 for communicating with the players in your industry.

  • PDAC Convention

Located in Toronto Canada, this event will gather a lot of professionals from the mining industry between the 5th and 8th of March, 2023. There will be numerous investment exhibitions from the mining fields, making it an appropriate choice for traders and investors interested in commodities, ETFs, and natural resources. 

  • SIAL Canada

The SIAL Canada innovation trade show takes place between May 9 and May 11, 2023, with the location in Toronto. The focus of the event is on the agri-food industry, the event hosting over 850 exhibitors from all around the world. It also attracts more than 15,000 visitors per event, the majority from Canada, but people from all over the world often come to this event, as well. It is a good opportunity to trade assets and information., which is why it often ends with an increase in exports.

  • PACKEX Toronto

At the same time as the SIAL Canada trade show (09-13 May), you can also join the PACKEX convention in Toronto. With the focus on food processing and the packaging industry, the event is a good opportunity for partnership development. The event makes it easy for you to communicate with the industry players if you want to start a business.

  • International Metrology Congress

Taking place in Vancouver between April 30 and May 11, this congress is very popular for traders that simply want to sell and create a business connection. This congress takes place every two years, in odd years, which is why the next one will be in 2025 if you skip the 2023 event. The congress features round table sessions and more than 200 technical presentations, with a focus on global industry, health, climate challenges, and metrology. 

The Bottom Line

A good trade show, expo, or conference can connect the right people at the right time, opening up opportunities. Whether you want to join as a project host or want to attend as a guest, it’s worth putting the dates in your calendar. This way, you will improve your business strategy.