How to Save Money – 33 Tips to Save Money the Smart Way


One of the best ways to significantly improve your savings is, of course, saving your money even if you are earning little. That’s why we’ve listed 33 infallible tips for you on how to save money safely.

So, if this is your desire (to save money), keep following this article very carefully – we will explain everything about how to save money so that you can start saving your money from now on, in a smart and efficient way.

Let’s do it.

Why save your money?

If you’ve asked yourself this question at some point but haven’t gotten a good answer, know that I have two simple answers for you:

  • save for yourself
  • save to invest

Simple, isn’t it? I warned you they would.

In fact, one of the main reasons for saving money is, without a doubt, to secure financially for the near or long-term future, that is, to save thinking about yourself.

Can you imagine a future without money to pay your bills?

The answer would certainly be “no”. Because we all need monetary value ​​to meet our needs.

What I mean by this is not that you will have a cashless future if you don’t start saving your money now, but that you will be financially supported for any problems that may make it impossible for you to continue working.

However, it is important to know that there are many other reasons to start saving money.

If you’ve made it to this content, it’s because you have your own reasons why you’re wanting to save your money.

But, it’s still important to know that, there are so many other reasons for you to consider when starting to save your money.

However, the biggest reason to save money is to save for yourself, this means saving to improve your life now and guarantee a better future than you imagine.

When you save for yourself, you save thinking about how important that money will be for a future occasion, and this is fundamental, after all, no one knows the risks, needs, and concerns that may arise in the future.

On the other hand, saving to invest in a business or any other activity is still a good reason to save.

After all, there is no other way to multiply your current earnings in order to use them in the future, if not by investing in businesses or even buying shares.

However, to have a better financial situation, it is necessary to save money by thinking about using this economy to generate large investments and continue multiplying your earnings.

How to start saving money?

How to start saving money

It is true that saving money is not so easy, but it is also not such a difficult task to practice.

In fact, we all save something, be it energy, water, or money…. However, from this, we learn that saving must be present in our lives.

So, it is not new for anyone to hear about economics. For we all save some of our own goods to use on a future occasion.

33 Tips to save money the smart way

Now that we know the reasons that motivate us to save money, we can start with 33 savings tips that can help you improve your personal finances.

It’s important, therefore, to read carefully and be totally willing and determined to sacrifice some of your tasks and (or) habits that prevent you from saving your money in the smartest way possible – if you want to improve your financial life, there’s nothing left to do. do but give up bad habits.

Without further ado, let us present you with 33 tips on how to save money in a smart and efficient way.

Check out:

  1. Look closely at the future

First of all, it is necessary to know that what we save today will be intentionally used in the future.

So it’s a great motivation to save money to one day benefit from it.

Not spending unnecessarily in the present is a great tip for anyone who wants to have a more secure financial future.

Incidentally, no one has eyes capable of seeing the financial difficulties and worries that we may face in the future. For this reason, it is important to look to the future and save so that you are able to pay what is necessary.

  1. List everything you want to buy and obey that list

Before you even leave for the supermarket, it is important to make a list of what you are going to buy. But, it’s even more interesting to fulfill everything you have on the list.

Many people end up not being able to save because they can’t control themselves when they go shopping. Maybe this is your case.

Therefore, it is important to make a well-organized list of everything you will need to sacrifice your money for and stick to the organized list.

Sometimes we are attracted to a soft drink or any other attractive product, but if you resist this attraction, you will surely be taking a significant step on the road to financial success.

  1. Get out of debt

It is very annoying and almost impossible to save money when you have so many debts to pay.

So before you even start saving your money, think about getting rid of all your debts, and only then move forward with the idea of ​​starting to save money efficiently.

There are even some cases where the person wants to save his money to eliminate his debts.

This one still makes sense, but saving money to buy a new car while first having to pay off debt isn’t viable at all.

Important: Start saving only when you have a clear conscience and are out of debt.

However, if you have a fairly stable monthly income, you can save an amount for your own use at certain times, and another part to pay off your debts – it’s just an idea.

  1. Be smart about using your extra income

Some of us draw on our extra income when or whenever we’re short on cash, all because, many of us don’t save enough and end up running out of funds to cover some of our expenses.

A tip for you to better save your money is to use your extra income intelligently and take advantage of it to fortify your economy more and more.

If you know, of course, how to use and where to use your extra income, you will already be one more step taken to better save your money.

  1. Reduce your purchases

Shopping on the weekend, or any other day, is good, but it is important to buy wisely so that you do not jeopardize your economy.

Reducing your purchases involves buying only the essentials and not spending money on things that make no difference if you didn’t buy them.

Therefore, whenever you go to the supermarket, buy only what will be necessary, so you will be developing your economy in an intelligent way, and you will not be spending unnecessarily.

  1. Sometimes it’s better to borrow than buy

If your door is broken but needs fixing, it’s better to ask your friend for tools instead of buying new ones, after all, it’s obvious that your door won’t break every day.

It’s just a tip for anyone who wants to start saving money, if you find it better to buy your own goods, consider ditching that idea.

But, it’s a good practice to help you use your money better and save more efficiently, as there are many things that we buy to be used only once. And that can end up spoiling due to lack of use, because we could use someone closer and significantly avoid expenses that end up with our economy.

  1. Take Advantage of Promotions

A very smart way to save your money is to take advantage of promotions to do your shopping.

After all, the prices of the products will be reduced and, taking advantage of the low price of the products, you will be able to buy your products and still have some money left over to use it on another occasion.

In addition, it will be a great advantage to use the money for one product to buy two, that way, you won’t have to worry about buying another one for now, because you’ll have another one in reserve, and that way, you’ll have money to save and use when you need it. necessary.

  1. Learn to do it yourself

There are several activities you can do to avoid spending and improve your economy.

These activities can be very basic and certainly investing money in them may not be a good option for someone who wants to save money.

Imagine you learn to do your own laundry instead of hiring someone to do it for you.

Or even, you learn to clean your own house instead of hiring a maid?

For sure, it will be a good way to save money that can be used on another occasion.

  1. Spend less on drinks

Drinking a beer on the weekend can be good for our body’s satisfaction, but keep this great certainty in mind: it will always be harmful to your pocket.

In addition to consuming most of our money for temporary satisfaction, beer is so bad that it’s even difficult to consume just one.

Then you buy one more, one more, and another, and when you play it, you’re left with practically no money.

On the contrary, you can save that money to ensure better satisfaction that lasts longer.

  1. Forget cigarettes

In addition to being harmful to health, smoking cigarettes is a major disadvantage for anyone who is looking to significantly save their money, all for one simple reason: Smoking cigarettes can become an addiction and consume all your money.

However, if you smoke and want to save your money, it’s good to know that you will only be wasting your time and spending your money unnecessarily.

And if the goal is to reduce necessary expenses and eliminate unnecessary expenses, a good option would be to forget about cigarettes and stop smoking once and for all, or at least for as long as you have the need to save.

  1. Eat at home whenever possible

A homemade meal is always cheaper than meals at that corner restaurant, at least in Angola it is like that and I believe that in your country it is no different.

So it’s important to eat at home whenever possible to avoid overspending at restaurants.

The important thing is to eat well, so it doesn’t make much sense to spend a lot of money in restaurants when you can make your own meals at a lower cost and enjoy the taste of the same foods made in the restaurant.

  1. Have your savings goals well defined

For every challenge, there is always a goal to achieve.

By that, I mean that to start saving your money, you need to set your own goals to achieve.

That way, in addition to being motivated to save more, you’ll also be aware of what you should do to reach your goals as soon as possible.

Setting a savings goal is simpler than actually starting to save your earnings, follow the following example:

Let’s say you earn up to $200 a month and you want to start saving a portion of your earnings to use them in the near future.

So, from the moment you decide the percentage of the amount you want to save on your monthly salary and establish the time for which you will have to save that percentage, you will already have your goal defined. Got confused?

Calm down, I’ll explain one more time!

Let’s suppose that, in the 200 dollars of your salary, you simply want to save 10%, which in this case would be 20 dollars, and you decide to save the 10% every month. Soon, you will have a well-defined goal.

Your biggest concern should be saving exactly 10% every month, and that might not be easy, as you’ll have to reduce your spending a lot and focus only on extremely necessary expenses.

With this simple analogy, we can get an idea of ​​how important and necessary it is to set a savings goal before starting to save money.

  1. Always prioritize the most necessary

Sometimes we are drawn to things that won’t be of immediate use. That’s good, but spending money on things you won’t be using right now isn’t always a good use of your money.

Therefore, it is good to always prioritize the most necessary things at the moment, so that you will still have money to save and, who knows, to use in more precise situations.

In some cases, buying products to be kept is very good, but seeing them spoil in your home pantry without even being used once, is quite demotivating, as you could use that money to attend to a bigger concern.

  1. Sell what does not benefit you

Accumulating unused goods with no defined time to be used does not convey any advantage. In fact, you’ll just be making your house full of things that don’t serve you.

However, selling them can be a great option for you if you want to somehow improve your current situation.

However, it is still knowing that you will not simply be improving your savings, but also freeing up space in your home that can be filled with something better.

  1. Use your credit card wisely

Did you know that using your credit card unnecessarily can make you end up ruining your savings and accumulating debts that are not very easy to eliminate?

That’s right!

When you use your credit card in an unintelligent way, you may be incurring debts, because, with each operation carried out by the credit card, you end up being charged.

So, if you know how to use your card more intelligently, you can not only spend less but also avoid possible charges, which can mean debts that are difficult to eliminate.

Incidentally, credit card charges aren’t as low as we’d like them to be.

  1. Avoid going out excessively with your friends on the weekend

Hanging out with friends is good. But, it is necessary to know that the more we go out with our friends, the greater the possibility of spending a lot of money.

When we go out with our friends, the tendency to buy a drink to cool off is high and sometimes uncontrollable. Therefore, in many cases, we end up spending a lot of money when we go out with friends on the weekend.

To better use your money in situations like this, it is necessary to control yourself a lot and keep in mind that money should not always be used to satisfy our emotions.

  1. Fix your possessions instead of throwing them away

It’s very simple. If you throw away your goods, you will obviously have to buy others to replace them, and buying them may require spending money.

The problem is not not buying, but throwing something that could be reused.

Besides, buying new always involves more expenses than repairing. For this reason, it is good that you know how to analyze what types of materials can be thrown and what types can be repaired to avoid expenses.

  1. As much as you spend a lot, always buy durable appliances

A non-durable device tends to cost less money than a very durable device and, therefore, many people prefer to buy thinking about spending less and being able to save a good part of their money.

But, in fact, it is idiotic to buy devices that last only 4 months when you could buy one that lasts up to 4 years, for example.

The reason is very simple, the more you spend on devices that last less, the more you will worry about buying a new one and so you will spend money buying the same device over and over again.

The best option would be to buy one that lasts longer and avoid spending too much time for the same device.

  1. Look for supermarkets with lower prices

Many times we get used to doing our shopping at the supermarket closest to our house, and up to a certain point, this becomes very good. However, sometimes the supermarket closest to home does not always have the best prices for our pockets.

So it’s a good idea to go out a bit and try to find supermarkets with lower prices that can be easily supported by our pockets, helping us to save as efficiently as possible.

  1. Sometimes it’s better to buy used than new

It is common knowledge that used products tend to cost less money than new ones.

But it’s not always because it’s in a bad state of conservation. On the contrary, used products can last even longer than you imagine, if, in fact, they are preserved properly.

In many cases, buying used products is the best option to spend little money on purchases.

Although it has little guarantee of durability, some used products can serve us in different situations.

  1. Make your own drinks at home

It is true that the products bought in supermarkets tend to be, sometimes, very expensive and, in some cases, making them at home is the best option to avoid high expenses.

In fact, products like food and drinks are therefore easy to make. Therefore, you can choose to make your own drinks at home.

This way, you will be avoiding the high prices of the market, and saving your money in a smart way.

  1. Sometimes it’s better to take public transport

Maybe you don’t know. But taking public transport to work or wherever is a great way to save money.

That’s right!

All because public transport tends to be very cheap and, if you don’t want to spend more on private taxis, it’s important to consider this other powerful saving tip. Because destiny doesn’t change.

  1. Train your habits

Saving money involves some sacrifices, these sacrifices are summed up in abandoning some non-positive habits that we fed some time ago and that remain today.

Habits like spending money excessively on weekend parties, and spending money at the cinema several times a week, can be ruinous to your economy and you should fight to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Start developing new habits and your economy will definitely improve.

Look at the richest people in the world, they have the possibility to buy everything they want, but even so, they have a very strong habit of saving, and they don’t live exaggeratedly spending money on things that don’t represent advantages for them.

  1. Avoid taking the kids to the supermarket

The reason is very simple, when we take our children to the supermarket we subject ourselves to obeying them and buying whatever they want.

In fact, a child, not understanding anything about economics, may find it very normal to buy everything he wants, but you know very well that money should never be used to buy everything we want, because that way we will run out of money. no economy.

So sometimes it’s better to leave them at home and buy everything with your own conscience, without being influenced by anyone.

  1. Always shop close to home

If you know a place closer to your home, where you can do your shopping and still prefer to move to more distant places, know that you are just spending your money unnecessarily.

This is very common. Some people end up preferring not to do their shopping close to home for several reasons, some run away from their neighbors, others feel more comfortable doing their shopping away from home, and others are even used to going to the same supermarket they went to for years, however, no longer exist in their cities.

In fact, you might prefer it that way, but how are you going to save money if you just spend money when you shouldn’t?

This doesn’t make much sense, considering you’ll have to pay for the taxi or gas for your car.

  1. Calculate your hours at the supermarket

It may seem like a joke, but the longer you stay at the supermarket, the greater the desire to buy more things.

This tip is related to tip number 2, because when you go to the supermarket without a list of everything you want to buy and still end up wasting a lot of time inside, you will definitely end up buying what you didn’t need.

Therefore, it is important to know how long it takes you to do your shopping and try not to spend too much time in the supermarket just enjoying the things there.

  1. Eat at home before going out

Eating at home can undoubtedly help you save your money smartly.

As we said in tip 11, restaurant meals sometimes tend to be very expensive, and if you don’t eat at home, you’ll probably feel the need to go to a restaurant to eliminate hunger.

However, eating at home will always be the best option to avoid spending on expensive food.

  1. Avoid spending money having fun

Money is an asset that should be used wisely. When you spend a lot of money on activities to entertain your SELF, you are opening the door to possible economic bankruptcy.

However, it is even better to look for ways to multiply your earnings, in order to ensure that you never go bankrupt, but rather, have your money with you and use it whenever you need it.

  1. Spend Wisely

Many people end up spending their money on emotion, others even spend so much money when they are under the influence of alcohol.

But then they end up regretting having spent so much money unconsciously.

Other very common cases are people who spend money when they are angry with someone or something.

In this state, people tend to spend their money without thinking about what might happen next, and thus end up ruining themselves.

Therefore, when you are in one of these situations, try not to spend your money, as you may regret it and, perhaps, it will be too late.

Always try to spend your money with conscience and wisdom.

  1. Don’t throw leftover food, save it for the next day

It’s your decision. But think about it.

If you prefer to store the leftover food every day at home, you can avoid possible expenses on food the next day.

Furthermore, saving today’s food to be eaten tomorrow is not, and will never be, a reason for shame for those who really know how to use their money intelligently.

On the contrary, it’s a pretty powerful way to save.

So, if you can’t eat that much food in one day, then don’t cook that much food either, after all, food is bought with money, and money is exactly what we need to save.

  1. Find a cheaper house

If you spend a lot of money paying for the house you’re living in, it could be one of the reasons why your savings don’t improve at all. Considering that saving is looking for ways to spend less money, and save what we have already achieved, however, we can say that perhaps it is time to move to a cheaper house.

However, it is important to know that you do not need to move to a new house if, by chance, you feel that your home is not the reason for the destruction of your economy.

However, like so many others, this is just one more tip to help you better save your money.

  1. Invest little money in clothes

You may feel that you must spend a lot of money on clothes. After all, who doesn’t like to present themselves well in front of other people?

In fact, we all care about wearing clothes that look great and that suit us best.

However, sometimes the desire to dress well is such that we end up investing a lot of money in clothes and we end up running out of time to think about other more worrying things. This is relatively normal.

But, what if you think about investing a little in clothes?

Maybe that way you can save a lot more money than you think.

The idea is good because sometimes spending on clothes ends up ruining our savings and leaving us with no money either to save or to invest in other things.

  1. Make the Most of Unused Space in Your Backyard

When we refer to saving money, sometimes it is also important to take the opportunity to be aware of possibilities to earn some extra money to improve our economy.

After all, it is not possible to save money if we do not have it in our possession. What I mean by that is that you can improve your economy by saving the money you already have, or by looking for new ways to increase your money.

However, taking advantage of unused spaces in your backyard can be a great way to ensure your savings grow.


If you read the entire content and managed to get this far, you are certainly not the same person anymore, you no longer have the same thoughts and, certainly, you already have a broader knowledge about how to save money.

Saving money is not, never was, and perhaps never will be an easy task for those who are in the habit of spending their money unnecessarily and uncontrollably.

Therefore, if you have certain addictions that lead you to spend your money on futile products, it is better to look for ways to eliminate these bad addictions before you start saving money.

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