The Cheesecake Shop Australia


The Cheesecake Shop Australia Has Been Acquired by PAG Asia Capital

Across the globe, The Cheesecake Shop is a thriving cake and confectionery franchise system with 220 stores and a strong family culture. The company’s success is attributed to its strong consumer awareness and preference. It has won the Australian Established Franchisor of the Year two times, and has been recognized by the Franchise Council of Australia, which represents Australia’s $140 billion franchise industry. In 2020, The Cheesecake Shop was awarded the highest possible rating on the Australian Franchise Rating Scale(tm) by FRANdata. Their Official Website.

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The Cheesecake Shop is a successful cake and confectionery franchise system

The Cake and Confectionery Industry is undergoing continual growth. With the franchise system, it is possible to set up a business in a short space and earn a good profit. The Cheesecake Shop offers a sustainable option for new start-ups, with low investment costs and limited space. It will also act as a wave of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Franchises of The Cheesecake Shop have the potential to grow as well.

The Cheesecake Shop is one of the best known and successful cake and confectionery franchise systems in Australia. Founded in 1991 by brothers Warwick and Robert Konopacki, the business has expanded to over two hundred stores in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United Kingdom. The cake and confectionery franchise system’s consistency and attention to detail have made it a highly successful cake and confectionery business.

The Cheesecake Shop started out as a single store in the inner-west Sydney suburb of Rozelle. Today, the company operates over 225 cake bakeries and employs over 2000 people across Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Nearly all of the shops are independently owned by talented franchisees. Many of these franchisees have been with The Cheesecake Shop for years.

The Cheesecake Shop franchise system is now expanding its reach with a 15 square metre kiosk bakery. In less than 4 years, The Cheesecake Shop is aiming to have thirty more outlets in Australia. Franchisees are trained in a retail store front and in a bakery on site. A well-presented cake is the hallmark of The Cheesecake Shop’s success, and the brand is loved by generations of Australians and New Zealanders.

The Cheesecake Factory’s recruitment process is selective and rigorous. To join The Cheesecake Factory franchise system, a prospective franchisee must demonstrate adequate capital and operational experience to establish a successful business. In addition, franchisees must have a proven track record of operating casual dining restaurants and must adhere to strict governance practices. For this reason, the franchisees of The Cheesecake Factory have been able to build franchises in more than 15 countries.

It has 220 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom

PAG Asia Capital has acquired The Cheesecake Shop, the largest specialty cake retailer in Australia. The company operates more than two hundred locations across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom. The acquisition is a complement to PAG’s existing business. PAG is a leading alternative investment manager with 380 employees and a global reach. PAG has a proven track record of successful operations in Australia and Asia.

The Cheesecake Shop Australia is the leading specialty cake franchise in Australia and New Zealand, selling over four million cakes each year. Franchisees are committed to delivering exceptional service and high-quality products. Each store offers a wide range of savoury products and desserts to meet every taste. Since establishing its first store in 1991, The Cheesecake Shop has won the Franchise Council of Australia’s Franchisor of the Year award two times.

The company is rapidly expanding with a target of 12 new outlets in the next year. In addition to Australia, the company has expanded internationally with three new outlets currently under construction in New Zealand. The Cheesecake Shop is a renowned brand in Australia, with more than two dozen stores in the country. In addition to the booming business, the company has a strong support team for franchisees, providing advice and training to help them succeed.

Franchisees of The Cheesecake Shop have made significant progress in enhancing their operational processes. In addition to providing seven-day service, franchisees have improved their ordering habits. Digital innovations have made the everyday operations much smoother. One of these innovations is a point of sale system that incorporates an in-house customer satisfaction rating tool. TCS also aims to maintain a high level of consistency across all locations.

It offers a large selection of cakes

The Cheesecake Shop has sold its business to River Capital, a Melbourne-based investment firm with about $1 billion in listed assets. The firm previously owned a stake in the bakery chain Brumby’s and has also invested alongside the Cheesecake Shop management team. PAG has a history of making strategic investments in the baked goods industry and is also a board member at REX. Its investment in the cheesecake chain will provide a fresh injection of cash to the business.

The Cheesecake Shop first opened its doors in Sydney in 1991 and today operates over 225 bakeries globally. The stores are renowned for their beautifully presented and delicious cakes. Located throughout the country, The Cheesecake Shop is a great place to celebrate a special occasion or celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. There is a large range of cakes to choose from at The Cheesecake Shop, from classic and elegantly designed to fruit and savoury treats.

The Cheesecake Shop is available in multiple Sydney locations and delivers through Uber Eats. Customers can order from the menu online, or have the food delivered right to their doorstep. If you prefer, you can also place an order for takeaway through Uber Eats and Uber. Note: The prices of these cakes on Uber Eats may vary from the prices listed on the official website. It is also possible to order through the app via your smartphone.

It has strong family values

The Cheesecake Shop franchise system is an established and successful franchise company with a mission to provide quality products and exceptional customer service. Cheesecake Shop franchisees offer a wide range of desserts and savoury products to their customers. The Cheesecake Shop was founded in 1993 by Warwick and Robert Konopacki. Today, The Cheesecake Shop network comprises more than 200 franchisees across Australia and New Zealand.

The company recently completed a 100% acquisition of the Cheesecake Shop Australia. The Cheesecake Shop is Australia’s largest cake specialty retailer, with over 200 locations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The company’s strong family values have positioned it as an excellent opportunity for aspiring cake business owners. As an owner, you can work from home or start a small store and provide significant value to customers. The Cheesecake Shop story is inspiring and motivating for anyone considering a cake business.

A bid to expand the business has been made by Warwick and Robert Konopacki. The couple own five patisseries across western Sydney. Their Pakistani employee was accused of being a slave by the owners. Initially, the couple promised the employee a better life in Australia. Then, they confiscated the employee’s passport and threatened to deport him. Today, The Cheesecake Shop is a respected Australian franchisor, with a strong family culture and strong values.