Milialar : Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment



Miliaria, commonly known as heat rash or prickly heat, is a skin condition that occurs when sweat gets trapped in the sweat ducts, leading to inflammation and the appearance of small, itchy red bumps on the skin. This condition often manifests in hot and humid weather but can also occur due to overdressing, physical activity, or fever. Understanding its causes, symptoms, and treatments is crucial for managing and preventing miliaria effectively.

Causes of Miliaria

The primary cause of miliaria is the blockage of sweat ducts, which prevents the sweat from reaching the surface of the skin. Factors contributing to this blockage include:

  1. Hot and Humid Weather: High temperatures and humidity can lead to excessive sweating, overwhelming the sweat ducts and causing them to clog.
  2. Overdressing: Wearing tight or heavy clothing that traps heat and sweat against the skin can contribute to the development of heat rash.
  3. Physical Activity: Intense physical exertion or exercise can cause profuse sweating, increasing the likelihood of miliaria.
  4. Certain Fabrics: Fabrics that don’t allow proper ventilation, such as synthetic materials, can exacerbate sweat retention.

Symptoms of Miliaria

The symptoms of miliaria can vary based on the type:

  1. Miliaria Crystallina: This type presents with clear, fluid-filled blisters that easily break open. The affected skin may feel itchy or prickly.
  2. Miliaria Rubra: It is characterized by red bumps, inflammation, and a prickling or stinging sensation on the skin. These bumps may develop into small, raised, red spots.
  3. Miliaria Profunda: A less common and deeper form of miliaria, presenting with larger, flesh-colored lesions.

Treatment of Miliaria

The treatment of miliaria involves alleviating symptoms and preventing further irritation. Some effective measures include:

  1. Cooling the Skin: Taking cool baths or showers can help soothe the affected areas and reduce inflammation.
  2. Loose Clothing: Wearing loose, breathable clothing made of natural fibers allows air circulation and helps prevent further irritation.
  3. Keep Skin Dry: Keeping the skin dry helps in preventing further blockage of sweat ducts. Patting the skin gently with a soft towel can aid in this.
  4. Topical Treatments: Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream can provide relief from itching and inflammation. However, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional before using any medication.


Q1: Can infants get heat rash?

A1: Yes, infants are susceptible to heat rash as their sweat ducts are not fully developed, making them more prone to blockages.

Q2: Is miliaria a serious condition?

A2: In most cases, miliaria resolves on its own without treatment. However, severe or persistent cases may require medical attention.

Q3: How can miliaria be prevented?

A3: To prevent heat rash, stay in cool environments, wear loose clothing, and avoid excessive sweating. Taking frequent breaks during physical activity in hot weather can also help.


Miliaria, or heat rash, is a common skin condition triggered by sweat duct blockage, often occurring in hot and humid conditions. While it usually resolves on its own, it’s essential to manage symptoms by keeping the skin cool, dry, and avoiding tight clothing. Seeking medical advice for severe or persistent cases is advisable to prevent complications. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatments of miliaria empowers individuals to effectively manage and prevent this uncomfortable skin condition.

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