Important Questions to Ask Before Working with a Digital Marketing Agency


Not knowing is the worst position in almost any scenario involving using a product or service. Affiliation with digital marketing agencies is no exception. In fact, it may be considered necessary to take some time to gather all the necessary information before you decide to use the service. After all, not all digital marketing agencies are two sides of the same coin.

And what better way to get information than to ask yourself about a potential agency’s services? This old method always does the trick because it helps you get all the information you need to make a decision. That said, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to find a great product right away.

First, it makes sense to ask whether it fits the cost and budget. If you’re still brainstorming, this question is definitely a good place to start.

What sets your agency apart from hundreds of other agencies?

Digital marketing is a highly competitive field. This is true for online marketers and agencies that offer a variety of services (eg SEO, content marketing, web development, brand awareness, etc.). That said, it’s not easy to stand out and, for the most part, those who develop and hone their marketing strategies. It is important to find what sets the company of the future different.

In general, the general feedback they receive should give you good information about this, but it’s always good to dig deeper by asking about your strategy. More importantly, there are actually hundreds of accessible ways to learn effective digital marketing strategies for free, so you know what distortions they introduce to their technology.

You need to make sure that what you want to apply to your project is not only relevant to your project but also results-oriented as much as possible. It’s easy to lure you into the information they disclose on their website, but they should be willing to go further by being transparent about what makes them unique. Most of the time, you need more than just scrolling the landing page. Be willing to contact you and have a real conversation with a company representative.

How exactly will you help me achieve my goals?

This question can easily fit your company into your project or business in the end. It is also a way to express your desire to have a good relationship with the intended agency. The word “exactly” in a query also indicates an intention to be more specific. You should at least be able to layout the relevant processes.

How did you get to the specific strategy they are throwing at you right now? Will their strategy be based on current trends? So how do you ensure that it doesn’t affect the long-term growth and scalability of your business?

However, you may need to be clear and precise about the type of goal you want to achieve so that the agency can provide you with an equally vivid and actionable answer. Even if the best questions come up, agencies still only manage vague outlines, so it’s best to look elsewhere. One of the good signs of a great marketing agency is that they are willing to go into the details and shed a lot of light on how strategies work to achieve their goals.

Are there businesses similar to mine that have helped you succeed in the past?

Again, the specificity of this question provides a very important relevance. Niches are important in digital marketing, and it goes without saying that if a company can confidently demonstrate a solid track record in a particular niche, it’s a good candidate. One caveat, though, is that even if your business succeeds in the same niche, it doesn’t always mean you can achieve the same desirable results. After all, every marketer and company has different goals.

With that in mind, we can’t go any further by asking specific questions about businesses that seem to be of great help in certain areas of digital marketing. For example, if you can show how you’ve been able to successfully launch your business in a shared niche, then a branding and promotional strategy may be just what your business needs. The same goes for SEO, content marketing and other services offered by the agency.

How will you work with your in-house team?

When working with a digital marketing agency from the start, it’s almost always a good idea to adopt an approach rooted in unity. And why not? Think about it. You will share with this entity the goals and key details of running your business. It is logical that both sides should consider working as a team.

If they are hesitant to interact with their in-house team, learn key processes such as automation and data analysis, and listen to experts, this could be considered a red flag. The key to successful partnerships with digital marketing agencies is the transparency and consistent communication that characterizes agencies that truly care about their clients’ growth.

How would you measure the success (or failure) of a campaign?

This question, which has a complex answer, can never be overlooked. That said, one way agencies can prove the success of their campaigns is through the data they show. They should be able to describe the key metrics that determine success and failure, as well as how to collect them throughout the campaign.

If you look at the basics of data analysis, it shouldn’t be a problem because data analysis can only understand what you share once. Once you get used to reading the metrics and the reports they will prepare, you will be able to see clearly the results of your efforts as a minimal team without getting stuck in the dark.


When you ask a digital marketing agency what you can bring, don’t be more specific. It’s one of the golden rules you should remember. Because if you’re only attracted to attractive CTAs and pre-made answers, you might end up disappointed. Even better if the agency takes the initiative to provide specific answers from the outset, accompanied by a distinct warmth and compassion for the goal.