How can I reduce survey fatigue among members?


For those in charge who are worried about members of the organization who are tired of taking surveys

Today, we’re going to show you five ways to put the “Surveys annoying” excuse to rest forever and get feedback from your members right now. 

1. Express Your Gratitude 

The reason members spend their time providing feedback on their work experience even when they are busy with work is because they think about our work, workplace, and team members. Express your gratitude as if you were handing over a questionnaire that members answered directly. 

Members feel through their expressions that the  time they spend and the feedback they provide are valued  . By saying “thank you”, this single word has double the power to ensure that employees will continue to provide feedback as well as encourage more people to participate. 

2. Communicate 

After the survey is closed, share with your members about the next process, and keep communicating so that no one is left behind.

3. Create programs that are related to surveys 

This is the most powerful prescription for reducing survey fatigue. There is nothing that discourages members from taking a survey more than not taking any action after providing feedback. 

More than anything else, it’s important to make your members feel the action on your feedback. Please let us know how the newly created programs and procedures relate to the feedback provided.  

4. Utilize data from various sources

It is desirable to inform members of internal programs and practices by utilizing more than one data source. 

Through the process of linking the results of different surveys, you, the person in charge, are making an effort to listen to the members, taking action on feedback, and working harder to provide a good workplace experience for all members. You can prove that you are doing.

5. Conduct a specific survey 

Try adding custom elements to the survey  to establish a link with elements that had high importance in the previous survey or to establish a standard for comparison with future surveys. This allows for even more granular Trust Index analysis.

Customizing the questionnaire to suit our work enables a sharp analysis of employee experience even with a single survey. 

A detailed survey will also help ensure that the various actions taken based on past feedback have led to the intended change in the members.