Grammar vs Other Writing Tools: Best English Proofing Software Compared


I understand your enthusiasm to buy the Grammarly premium version after trying the free version. Let us help you see just how perfect you are with Grammarly. Here’s a gunfight comparison: grammar and other writing tools.

The way you present your content tells your fellow readers a lot about you. Content is a medium that translates ideas into reality. Effective content can be done in a better way. So, content marketing plays a bigger role in SEO and digital marketing. How do you tailor such content to your advantage?

Of course, there are also plenty of English proofing and editing tools. Does it really help to the core? Otherwise, I wouldn’t have tried Grammarly.

Why Compare Grammarly to Other Top Writing Software Programs?

Grammarly seems to be an excellent English writing aid because it can do something beyond just checking spelling and grammar. If billions of writers trust Grammarly to improve their writing, why not?

Regardless of your level of writing expertise, whether you are a native or non-native speaker, Grammarly can help you. Grammarly is an all-in-one writing tool that manages content quality, writing style, and plagiarism.

Grammar is close to human proofreading. It is also soft. Still, Grammarly delivers the most accurate results at a faster rate. Therefore, most professional bloggers and writers prefer Grammarly without a second choice.

Most importantly, Grammarly is available in different versions specifically for professional writers and students. It shows how careful it is.

It may not be cheap for individual students, but schools and colleges are responsible for group purchasing of Grammarly licenses for students. Grammar is for everyone. To help up-and-coming writers, the Grammarly add-on is free.

Thus, Grammarly deserves a unique space in the writer’s arsenal. Therefore, it is worth comparing Grammarly to other English writing tools. Without further ado, let’s get to know Grammarly and other writing tools.

Grammar vs Other Writing Tools

You may have heard that Grammarly is great for improving your writing skills. And there is nowhere to cross-check how true that is. What makes Grammarly unique? After reading the detailed comparison post between different writing tools, you will know the facts.

Get the best writing tools, as the writing style you present says a lot about you and your brand.

Be sure to check reviews on refined products before purchasing.

Creating or stopping a marketing campaign depends on the content. You can do well with a non-perfect grammar checker. Why should I give up my chance though? Do your best. I’m sure this comparison article: grammar and other writing tools will help you make clear decisions.

Each writing tool has its own ups and downs. This comparison gives you an idea of ​​the price and typical feature set. Describes the most unique features of each tool. A proper comparison between each tool, such as Antidote 10 vs Grammarly, LanguageTool vs Grammarly, etc., shows how Grammarly differs from the others.

1. Grammar vs Ginger Software

Grammarly is one of the professionally recommended choices for grammar checking and proofreading. Almost all the essential features a writer needs. Therefore, Grammarly is widely used as the best writing aid to perfect your content.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and Ginger Software

Ginger software has an equally extensive range of English writing skills enhancements. It includes a text reader, personal trainer, etc. This will help you improve your English speaking too. Still, that’s how Grammarly outperforms Ginger software as a comprehensive tool for all types of writing. Check out this comparison Ginger Software vs Grammarly.

Plagiarism Detector

If you want unique content, you should use a reliable plagiarism checking tool. Grammarly compares your text to billions of articles, e-books, and online publications to ensure your content is plagiarized. On the other hand, Ginger software does not have such content duplication-checking capabilities.

Native Apps for Mac

Grammarly loves serving everyone, whether they’re using Windows or a Mac. Grammarly provides a native app for Mac OS devices, whereas on Mac the Ginger software is only available as a browser add-on for Safari, etc. Ginger Software for Mac users does not have a native app.

Choose your language

Easy-to-use Grammarly between American and British English lets you do just that with one click. However, Grammarly is limited to use in English only. However, Ginger software is perfect if you are dealing with customers from multiple countries speaking multiple languages. Ginger software supports more than 40 languages.

2. Grammar vs WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is Grammarly’s closest competitor with a wide range of features. Like Grammarly, WhiteSmoke is available for multiple devices. Plagiarism check module, translator and more. Still, here’s a comparison of WhiteSmoke and Grammarly for some specific areas.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and WhiteSmoke

Fast and reliable results

Grammarly is known for its fast and accurate results. Grammar checks for hundreds of grammatical errors to perfect your content. However, WhiteSmoke sometimes tends to give incorrect or incorrect suggestions. Anyway, not often.

Document Upload Options

Grammarly is user friendly. Therefore, it provides several options for providing text content to the Grammarly editor. You can upload your document, copy and paste from another authoring editor, or type directly into the Grammarly online editor. And competitor WhiteSmoke doesn’t have the option to upload a file to check for write mistakes.

Unlimited Checks

In the Grammarly editor, there is no limit to the number of words or the length of the content to perform the check. Most other grammar checking tools only allow you to run the check on a limited number of words at a time. So you have to split the document and do multiple checks.

3. Grammar vs ProwritingAid

ProwritingAid isn’t very familiar among writers like Grammarly, but it’s worth comparing. For certain writers, such as Chrome users, ProwritingAid would be preferred if not all browsers. Similarly, here we are comparing ProwritingAid and Grammarly for clarity.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and ProwritingAid

Browser Compatibility

Grammarly is one of the most popular online English proofing tools because of its compatible nature. This software provides add-ons or browser extensions to most of the browsers we commonly use. These include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and more. Unfortunately, ProWritingAid only offers a Chrome extension.

Support all writers

Whether you are a native or non-native English speaker, a professional, beginner or intermediate writing expert, Grammarly can help. Exclusive support for writers of all levels. By the way, ProwritingAid is a bit more complicated, but best suited for long forms of content inspection.

Check your writing style

With AI-powered algorithms, Grammarly is a smarter algorithm that understands your writing style and provides genre-specific writing style checks. So you can improve your writing skills and style as well. If the latter is used, uniform corrections can work for the author’s tone, voice, and writing style.

4. Grammar vs Hemingway App Editor

Unlike Grammarly, the Hemingway App is available as a downloadable version (for Windows) that you can use on your personal computer. The online editor can be accessed free of charge at any time. However, the desktop version is premium. Grammarly is an online English spelling and grammar checker software that always requires internet access. But it’s free and unlimited.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and Hemmingway App Editor

Excellent GUI

If you haven’t tried the free version of Grammarly yet, give it a try. I will continue to use Grammarly for a simple and attractive user interface. But the Hemmingway app online editor will feel like a poor UI. Nice colors are provided to highlight errors though.

Important grammar check

Grammar checks for simple or complex grammar errors based on 250 grammar rules. These include passive voice, bad word choice, weak adjectives, parallelism, and more. When considering the Hemingway app, users rated it as placing more emphasis on adverb usage. In any case, there should be room for adverbs to make the content sound and drive reading.

Detailed explanation

The Hemingway app can’t read the content, so it doesn’t understand the content flow. The tool highlights each type of mistake with a different color code, but does not provide detailed descriptions of them. However, Grammarly provides a more detailed explanation for each mistake.

5. Grammar vs CopyScape

If you’re an online publisher, you’re probably familiar with the CopyScape tool. It may not be a semantic comparison. CopyScape vs Grammarly. Both are excellent at verifying that the content is original or copied somewhere. CopyScape, a proprietary content copy inspection tool, is smarter in that area.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and CopyScape

Comprehensive Writing Assistant Tool

If your sole goal is not to plagiarize your content, you can choose between Grammarly and CopyScape. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a single tool to refine your content along with plagiarism checking, then Grammarly is for you.

Exclusive Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly uses a variety of online resources to check for content plagiarism, but you can upload content written in text documents or editors. Grammarly does not have an option to provide a web URL to perform a plagiarism check. However, CopyScape also allows you to perform content duplicate checking by entering a web URL.

More information

By the way, Grammarly never lags behind at any cost. CopyScape allows you to view the destination page where the content is copied. One step ahead, Grammarly provides accurate overlap ratios to understand impact. You can also make changes to the copied content on the fly in the Grammarly editor.

6. Grammar vs Turnitin

Basically, Turnitin is a proprietary plagiarism checker software program for academic purposes. In favor of professors and teachers, Turnitin has matured to identify duplicate student essays or articles. I recommend comparing the Turnitin and Grammarly plagiarism checking features.

Perhaps Turnitin is a tailored plagiarism detection solution for students and faculty. Perhaps you can compare your content to the content of academic and student papers. But Grammarly checks billions of web pages, ebooks and other online publications to make your content unique and original. Grammarly also lets you know the content duplication rate, destination URL, etc. This helps prevent unintentional plagiarism during content creation.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and Turnitin

Vocabulary Enhancement

Turnitin is a dedicated content replication checker for students and faculty. Nevertheless, it does not help students improve their content writing skills. However, Grammarly is a full suite of content creation tools that help writers cleverly improve their vocabulary or word usage.

Grammar EDU

Grammarly offers a specific version for academic users under the name Grammarly EDU. This service is trusted by more than 1000 educational institutions. Grammarly supports professional writers of all levels by checking for over 250 grammatical errors. It also integrates with MS Office and browsers so you can use it on all platforms.

Grammar Free

You have access to free or premium versions of Grammarly, but no free access to Turnitin. Use Grammarly to create text or content free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. In any case, if you want to use the plagiarism check feature, you will have to pay to choose between these two.

7. Grammar and LanguageTools

LanguageTool is ideally an open-source multilingual tool. It offers amazing features like spelling, grammar, and style checking that no other tool can provide. But Grammarly goes beyond these simple edits. Here’s a comparison of LanguageTool and Grammarly for the sake of clarity.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and LanguageTool

Native Desktop App

As with other tools, the free version only allows you to check 20,000 characters per check. Grammar-free tools have no word count limit.

LT provides various plugins or add-ons for various other platforms such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice, GoogleDocs, MS Word, XML Editor, etc. In addition to this, Grammarly provides a native desktop app for Windows. & Mac OS.

Explain grammar rules

Grammarly provides an introduction to the grammatical rules that make mistakes, explains them in detail, and offers suggestions for correcting them on the fly. LanguageTool also gives you a clear idea of ​​all errors. But only if I click on the error and then ‘describe’.

Multi-device document access

It’s an online English proofing and editing software, so you can access your documents anywhere online. Grammarly stores documents in your account for access to multiple device documents. LanguageTool, on the other hand, stores text for access on multiple devices.

8. Grammar and Style Writer

StyleWriter is a manuscript editor that works seamlessly with all versions of Microsoft Word. It runs on your computer, so you don’t need an internet connection to access its features. But every time you write online, Grammarly helps you fix your writing mistakes. How does Grammarly outperform StyleWriter? Here is a comparison between StyleWriter and Grammarly.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and StyleWriter

Linux Support

StyleWriter only works with Microsoft Word documents. By the way, Grammarly is readily available on Linux OS and its authoring editor, OpenOffice. Linux users should choose Grammarly as their writing guide.

Performance Statistics

StyleWriter is an award-winning writing and editing software that enhances your writing style. It evaluates writing quality and scores based on total words, manual index, style index, average sentence length, and more.

Not only that, but everyone knows that Grammarly is far smarter than its competitors. When you save a document, you can review the entire document or evaluate your content creation skills. So you can monitor how your writing has improved over time.

Personal Dictionary

Grammarly and StyleWriter provide personal dictionaries where you can add frequently used exceptional words. A word, a location name, a person’s name, or a specific term. Added tools can ignore certain errors in additional history. The back of StyleWriter is for MS Word only. Grammarly is available everywhere online.

9. Grammar vs Microsoft Word

I hope you don’t need much introduction to Microsoft Word documentation. Whenever I make a mistake when typing in the editor, I get a red and green wavy underline. This includes spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. How smart is Grammarly over the MS Word editor? Microsoft Word and Grammarly.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and MS Word

Social Media Compatibility

There is no such thing as social media penetration into everyone’s daily life. People of all kinds join social networks to comment, post, review, etc. But what if English writing is lacking? The Grammarly Chrome add-on helps you publish flawless content on social media networks.
Otherwise, you have to type it into MS Word and then paste it into some kind of obscure social network.

Comma usage and splicing

MS Word also detects punctuation errors in text. But it gives you a vague explanation so you are powerless to fix it. Grammarly, on the other hand, checks more closely for all types of punctuation errors, such as comma splicing, incorrect punctuation use, missing apostrophes, and more.

Content Score

Every document you upload or write in the Grammarly editor will receive a writing score. Correcting mistakes one by one can increase the content score. Grammar Insights also tells you about average sentence length, syllables, and more. You can easily fix common spelling and grammatical errors using MS Word.

10. Grammar vs Slick Writing

Slick Write is an open online editor tool that enhances your writing operations. Simply go to the website and enter your text. Otherwise, you can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox add-ons for flexible usage. Here’s a quick comparison between Grammarly free and Slick Write.

Key Comparison Between Grammarly and Slick Write

Microsoft Office Integration

Grammarly provides desktop apps for MS Word and Google Docs so you can use it hassle-free. Students can use this feature to proofread their academic work before submitting it for review. However, there is no option to enable Slick Write in MS Word.

Grammar keyboard

Use Grammarly on your desktop as well as your smartphone using the Grammarly keyboard. Only a few proofing tools are accessible from your smartphone. Access your stored documents from anywhere, on any device. You wouldn’t expect this with Slick Write.

knowledge base

Slick Write has amazing knowledge sources like FAQs and video sources where you can learn style tips, writing terms, and more. On the other hand, if you want to learn more about Grammarly, you can link to your Grammarly Facebook and Twitter accounts.

11. Grammar vs Antidote

Like Grammarly, Antidote is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, there is no free version where you can get hands-on experience. The tool consists of three main modules: Corrector, Dictionary and Guide.

Antidote Corrector can display multiple write errors at once. Includes spelling, grammar, typos, repetition, dull verbs, capitalization, subject-verb matching, duplication, and more.

The dictionary provides detailed definitions of words in text, pronunciation, conjugation, etc.

Best of all, this guide will help you get to know all aspects of writing with clear explanations of grammar rules and exceptions.

Anti-Oops – The artificial intelligence that powers the email platform can understand what users write and highlight missing attachments in emails.

Antidote Mobile is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in two languages: English and French.

While comparing Antidote and Grammarly, Grammarly may not support French.

But wholeheartedly, Grammarly comes with a number of benefits: a free version, checks against 400 grammar rules, a plagiarism checker, and more.

Grammarly also provides native desktop apps and add-ons for the most popular browsers for easy access. You may not see these features in Antidote.

However, the latest version of Antidote comes with 120 new features. Of course it has to be Grammarly’s most competitive tool.

By the way, Grammarly has an exclusive version for academic professionals and students, the Grammarly Edu. If it’s French writing, then Antidote should be the winner. There is no point in comparing Antidote and Grammarly. For English writers, Grammarly would be the perfect tool.

12. Syntax vs WriteCheck

WriteCheck is one of the main writing tools for students. It can also handle spelling and grammar checking and plagiarism. This tool compares your paper to other articles online (or in the database) and tells you if there are any copied citations.

Smartly, the tool highlights specific sentences that signal the percentage of overlap. WriteCheck also lets you check your text for spelling, grammar, and word usage errors.

How could Grammarly favor you over WriteCheck? WriteCheck’s pricing model is based on the number of papers you want to check. For students, this may be optimal. However, it is not suitable for professional writers or online publishers. Grammarly Premium Annual Plan can help you save reasonable money with unlimited checks.

13. Grammar vs Google Docs

We hope you are familiar with Google Docs. Google Docs highlights spelling errors with a red underline. However, it can no longer correct any punctuation, grammar, or sentence formation related issues. It doesn’t identify where the comma is missing or a simple mistake with a grammar rule.

Anyway, Grammarly can help you improve content quality while writing in Google Docs. Grammarly works seamlessly with Google Docs and lets you fix mistakes instantly.

14. Grammar vs Autocrit

Autocrit is the smartest novel writing coach for writers. This tool helps writers transform their manuscripts into stories and improve their genre writing style created specifically for storytellers. It covers about 20 areas where you can make mistakes during the narration. This includes poor conversation, the use of adverbs, etc. Autocrit is a good choice for book publishers and authors.

However, Grammarly is for all kinds of writers: students, professional writers, individuals managing email communications, online publishers, freelance writers, bloggers, and more.

15. Syntax vs SafeAssign

SafeAssign is a powerful review tool that checks the originality of your content. A tool for professors and teachers to ensure that student essays or academic works are free of plagiarism. SafeAssign compares assignments to a set of academic papers to identify duplicates. The tool comes with detailed scores for the matches found and helps both students and teachers uncover original sources.

Grammar Plagiarism Checker is not just for students or academic writers. Check your writing with billions of articles, online publications, and more to make sure your content is original.

16. Grammar vs Arcolinx

Acrolinx may be something other than a writing assistant or proofreading tool. This tool helps businesses strategize their content operations. First, understand your business goals and strategies. Then it runs through the site content. It also uses artificial intelligence to improve content that aligns with your strategy. Aligning your content with your strategy can satisfy customers and drive sales.

Obviously, Grammarly doesn’t fit this core. Both tools have different functions. Still, Grammarly can refine your content to entice your visitors to become more engaged in sales or conversions.

17. Grammar vs BibMe

BibMe is one of the free writing and plagiarism tools for students. If you want to take your academic thesis to the next level or want to know about unintentional plagiarism before your teachers check it out, use BibMe. This tool can spot writing mistakes related to sentence structure, style, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and more.
This tool also allows you to create citations and add them to your thesis. In the free version, you can get unlimited citations, but only 20 writing suggestions.

Written citation is to provide a reference to some work mentioned in the paper (eg, to indicate a source of information).

Grammarly is an expert tool for identifying mistakes related to various spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing styles, and sentence structure. Aside from some advanced features like plagiarism checking and vocabulary enhancement, you can use Grammarly to create flawless content.

18. Grammar vs EasyBib

EasyBib is a tool much like BibMe. This tool helps you check for plagiarism, grammatical errors and citation generation. It differs from BibMe only in the resource allocation of the free and paid versions.

As mentioned in the Grammarly vs BibMe comparison above, EasyBib may be a better choice for students to write academic assignments and dissertations. So I’m including EasyBib in this comparison post: Grammarly vs other writing tools. However, Grammarly can meet the needs of any writer.

19. Grammar vs ithenticate

iThenticate is a professional plagiarism program for scholars, publishers, and government agencies. Use iThenticate to ensure your legal documents are unique. Like Grammarly, iThenticate compares over 60 billion pages of documents to ensure originality.

If you’re simply looking for plagiarism-checking capabilities for your documents or online publications, Grammarly is over-qualified. Otherwise, if you want to create your own documentation from scratch, I prefer Grammarly, which comes with a built-in plagiarism checker module.

20. Grammarly vs PerfectIt (intelligent editing)

PerfectIt is an intelligent editing and proofing tool for professional writers and editors. This tool can also find undefined abbreviations and works with all types of documents. You can classify your content as US, UK, CA or AU English slang. However, there is no free version of this tool. Please use the trial version before purchasing.

PerfectIt has over 6,000 users worldwide. This is very low compared to millions of writers using Grammarly.

21. Grammar vs Scribbr

Scribbr is another English proofreading, editing and plagiarism checker for academic users who publish papers or dissertations. The scirbbr tool is also popular for generating APA citations for articles. Scribbr also supports Spanish, French and German. Scribbr is exclusively suitable for students and scholars to write doctoral dissertations, dissertations, essays, and more.

Perhaps Grammarly is not only an elite tool for dissertations, but also excellent for all kinds of writers and articles.

22. Grammar vs Scribens

Scribens is a less popular tool for checking content for grammatical errors, but it has matured well. Like other major writing tools, Scribens offers free extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac), MS Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Google Docs, Thunderbird, and more.

Scribens can detect and correct 10 times more mistakes than MS Word. It also examines specific elements of more style, such as repetitive words, consecutive sentences, duplications, word usage, etc. In addition, your content is protected from being transmitted to anyone else.

By the way, I can’t confirm that Grammarly is too smart for plagiarism.

23. Grammar vs WordRake

WordRake is a proprietary content editing and retouching tool for MS Word and Outlook. Basically, the sentences are clear and accurate. Unfortunately, there are free choices to try WordRake for a while. However, try the 7-day free trial.

Choose WordRake if you are dealing with MS Office products like Word, Outlook, etc. Still can’t see any duplicate content or insight into the article. Learning the inner elements of writing is a blog article.

Grammarly is always wise to meet all your writing needs. Detailed writing scores and insights will help you understand the gradual improvement of your writing.

Final Summary: Grammar vs Other Writing Tools

There are many tools on the market, but choosing the best proofing and editing is important. We know the importance of content marketing. The higher the qualification of the content, the greater its reach and credibility.

Even with the writing aids listed above, grammar and other writing tools can help. However, editing and proofreading quality levels vary. And the reliability of the tool is another important factor. Don’t take your writing style or ability in the name of editing your content.

English writing aids should help you improve your writing skills in style and tone. I have been using Grammarly for years because of its flexibility and reliability. Try the free version and you’ll see how true I am.