Alternatives to WhatsApp That Are Equally Good and Better


Facebook has decided to invest heavily in its purchases. WhatsApp has become, therefore, undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging application with the largest number of users worldwide. At first, I didn’t do any integration of the two applications, I thought or tried to find an advantage over popular social networks.

But for several weeks, WhatsApp has been asking users for permission to share data with Facebook. This made it obligatory to continue using an instant messaging application for several days. We’re going to show you today because we don’t have much trouble and first of all we don’t want any personal data to be shared between applications. Alternatives to WhatsApp.

It’s hard to see how this will end, and if WhatsApp decides to share its users’ personal data with Facebook, it could lose hundreds of thousands of users. related to them. In my case, I have no intention of giving anyone permission to share my personal data without knowing what to do with it or how it will be used, so I have already decided to use or another instant messaging application. If you’ve made the same decision as me, here are a few alternatives to WhatsApp.

  1. Telegram

One of the few alternatives to WhatsApp, supported by an ever-growing user base over time, is Telegram . And this instant messaging application was able to give users exactly what they needed without getting stuck in shady or weird issues.

Telegram Alternate to Whatsapp

If you need to stand out on Telegram, undoubtedly the security and speed it offers users. Also, the possibility to send photos without compromising quality, stickers or gifts, and above all, the possibility of secret chatting with other users who self-destruct after a period of time when all information is encrypted and over our control. our taste.

If you haven’t tried Telegram yet, you are wasting your time and may not remember what WhatsApp is or its benefits.

  1. Line

In fact, WhatsApp is available in the market, so Line . Success in some countries is comparable to that of Facebook-owned instant messaging applications, while in others it’s completely unobtrusive.

Line Alternate to whatsapp

We at Line have a slightly different interface, features and options, and are an interesting alternative with a very Asian touch. . One of the advantages is that, thanks to the PC version, you can make VoIP calls or enjoy the service through your computer.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Line offers us some advantages and interesting features, its use is very limited, for example in Spain, so it is not a real alternative to WhatsApp unless you convince your friends and family Let Let. Start using it right now.

  1. Signal

One of the aspects that hardly convinces us about WhatsApp is the privacy it provides to us, especially what we do with it these days. It can be a great alternative if your concerns are high. Signal with permission from Edward Snowden.

Signal Alternate to whatsapp

Among the advantages offered by this very secure instant messaging application are encryption of all messages, the ability to block some messages with a password or block screenshots.

In addition to signals, you can make voice calls as happens with many other applications of this type, but the interesting property is that the sound is also encrypted. , as for all messages.

  1. hangout

Recently, Google has been trying to stand out in the competitive market for instant messaging applications with Google Allo, but they already offer excellent applications of this type today. hangout .

Hangout Alternate to whatsapp

Perhaps we did not understand how valuable this service offered by the search giant is. Not only can you send and receive messages, but you can also make voice calls and video calls, both of which are of excellent quality . However, despite the fact that it is available on almost all mobile platforms and desktop versions, its success has not been as expected.

Google will try again next time. You may want to consider re-enabling Google Allo Hangouts, but as it is undoubtedly one of the best instant messaging applications on the market and a true alternative to the always powerful WhatsApp.

  1. Skype

One of the most classic and popular instant messaging applications is Skype: which unfortunately is losing its reputation over the years. However, it can still be an interesting alternative to WhatsApp today and is used by many users in their daily life.

Skype Alternate to whatsapp

Its main advantage is the incredible quality it provides when making video calls , many have put it at the height of normal calls and are likely to send and receive messages.

Today, it has many users at the business level and computer version, but it is also widely used on mobile devices.

  1. WeChat

You may be unfamiliar with instant messaging applications. WeChat, however, currently has 60 billion active users worldwide. Although not yet widely known in Spain and many other countries, the huge number of users did not allow us to miss the opportunity to include it in the list of alternatives to WhatsApp.

Wechat Alternate to whatsapp

Given its characteristics, success is more than justified, and like many others, you can send and receive messages as well as make video calls with fairly high quality. Also, use the application through one of several available versions. As a final apex, it is certified by the Trust, which is highly regarded by many users.

The era of WeChat has not come for many countries, but due to the shortcomings of WhatsApp, it will soon become a worldwide success and will start to be used everywhere.

  1. Blackberry messenger

Before WhatsApp existed, many users already had an instant messaging application on their BlackBerry devices. As we know for certain, BlackBerry Messenger was a service used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world not so long ago. The crisis in which BlackBerry lives today and its limited presence in the market is not going away for anyone, but BBM is not going away from our lives.

bbm Alternate to whatsapp

The Canadian company has worked hard to promote this service beyond what is known to almost everyone. Versions for iOS and Android with little success, as well as for BlackBerry devices .

BlackBerry Messenger is more than an interesting instant messaging application that we believed could survive on anything or almost anything without innovating at all, just like on BlackBerry. Now he is trying to find himself again and it seems to be working. Now it’s already made a good step forward with BBM, an alternative to WhatsApp for many users.

The application is no longer available on the App Store.

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There are many alternatives to WhatsApp on the market today, and the most versatile. However, the problem is not in finding an alternative that works well and offers the same options and features as the Facebook-owned application, but rather in finding an application that has all your friends, acquaintances or relatives.

In my case, a few days ago I decided to leave WhatsApp causing great sadness and nostalgia to move to Telegram. I don’t want to trade personal and personal data like the most popular messaging apps in the world want, but I have no complaints about the WhatsApp operation. Like me, I lose contact with some people, but there are plenty of others who want to keep their data safe.

The move from WhatsApp to other instant messaging applications is not at shocking as many people think. And as there are higher and higher quality and better alternatives to WhatsApp, and more and more users are using multiple messaging applications at the same time, it’s a bit of a problem to find only a handful of people in a service owned by Facebook.